Jewellery Care

Please follow the below the instructions in order to lengthen the life of you jewellery:

  • Keep jewellery items at significant distance in order to prevent them from rubbing together
  • Remove your jewellery while you are sleeping, showering or bathing as accidental damage might be caused
  • Avoid direct contact with water, body creams or lotions, perfume or any type of chemicals or acids
  • Do not go inside swimming pools while wearing your jewellery as the water in the pool contains chlorine which can damage to your items
  • Protect your jewellery from excessive heat/cold, direct sunlight, blows, scratches 

 Jewellery Care | Precious Gems

Please be aware that all jewellery made from gold, sterling silver or gold plated can tarnish over time as a result of oxidation. This is caused when the jewellery interacts with external elements (e.g. sulphur, oxygen). In order to always have sparkling looking jewellery, we recommend using a professional cleaning product on a regular basis.

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