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Who is Cleopatra Jewellery?

Cleopatra Jewellery started out in 2020 as an online jewellery retail store in the capital of England - London from the need of bringing top quality jewellery items without making any compromise. 


Why buy from Cleopatra Jewellery?

We know that there are many options in terms of finding the perfect Gift in London and in the United Kingdom, but discovering an unique piece of jewellery that will be different, survive the test of time and offer the best possible quality - very hard! Not to mention that some prices out there can be outrages, especially if the jewellery are made out of inferior base metal. (copper, iron, nickel or brass). We guarantee that all of our collections are described properly and we will never use any other base materials apart from sterling silver or gold. Each product description clearly identifies the base material and any finishing (e.g. Material: Sterling Silver; Finishing: Rose Gold Plated). We will never use fancy words such as "gold vermeil" in order to try and deceive our customers as we value the core principles of trust in integrity in conducting a fair business.


What can I find at this jewellery store from?

We pride ourselves in having a large variety of jewellery items that span from our trendy collections such as the Tennis Collection or Eternity Collection to more classic choices. We are confident that we can help you find a gift for your friends or lover that will be remembered for sure. We are always open for suggestions so drop us an email if you think that we should bring something different into our product offering or if an item is out of stock / size is not available (we sincerely value your opinion and advice).


What message do you have for your customers?

I would advice each one of our potential customers to let us know if they would like some help in picking a gift for someone special. Even if they chose to buy from another retail store, I would recommend to always buy items that are made from sterling silver or solid gold and not from other cheap base metals as these are the only ones that will store value, maintain a long-lasting shine and are truly fine gifts. One of our motto's is "Never settle for less" which should guide all our customers when deciding to invest a considerable amount of money in a jewellery item.

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